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Mandeville and South Coast

Mandeville and South Coast

Mandeville, principal town of the parish of Manchester, is a quiet, restful mountain resort, a little over 2,000 feet above sea level with a cool climate (70-75 degrees by day, 65-70 degrees by night) ideal for such pursuits as golf, walking and horseback riding.
The town is often likened to an English village and certainly boasts a village green, handsome stone buildings and stone-walled pastures.

Once a sleepy country town, Mandeville has a bit of bustle nowadays. The town came awake some 40 years ago when the potential of the red earth of the surrounding countryside was wedded to the world's demand for bauxite and its end product, aluminium. The nearby alumina plant at Nain is the second largest in the world.

Now ecotourism is ushering in yet another phase in the town's development as more and more visitors want to leave the resort areas and explore the country side.

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